In May 2018, between May 23rd and May 29th, any activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

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Peo Bengtsson is ready for WOD

Peo Bengtsson- the most important ambassador of the orienteering! An “old” man (85 in August) but still very young in his mind, he is still always thinking how we can develop orienteering world-wide and make orienteering more global. Through his travel company, WWOP (World Wide Orienteering Promotion), he tries to use all his effort to promote the development of the orienteering to a world class sport.
WWOP was started in 1984 by Jörgen Mårtensson and Peo Bengtsson, but since spring 2000 Peo is the only owner of WWOP AB.

The promotion of the orienteering sport is done mostly with sponsoring of mapping in new orienteering-countries and through sponsoring of clever participants from poor and isolated countries, so they get possibilities to participate in important world-competitions. He is also the founder of O-Ringen Academy, formerly called “O-Ringen Clinic”, an education camp to train coaches, young athletes to organise education in orienteering, smaller events, mapping and course planning and to improve navigation skills among the participants.

The economic profit of WWOP travel organization creates money for these sponsorships. WWOP is annually arranging 5-10 travels. Before the WWOP was established he has also organized orienteering-travels. The first travel was in 1961, and since then more than 250 travels of different lengths have been organized. One of the most well-known travels is the “Höst-Öst” (Autumn-East). During each autumn in 50 years in row he has organised events with local organisers in the east of Europe.

Approximately WWOP in this way has contributed with about more than 1.5 millions Euro for the international spreading of the orienteering sport. In 1961 IOF (International Orienteering Federation) had 11 countries as members and currently IOF has 71 member federations. Before 1961 he had only run orienteering in the Nordic countries (4), but today he has been running in more than 100 countries all over the world.
As long as he is running WWOP, there will be no change in this policy. The profit from the WWOP travel organization will still more promote the international development of the orienteering sport. Since many years he believes that Orienteering shall be part of the Olympic Games. Already during the Games in Munich 1972 he organised an orienteering event outside the city to promote the sport of orienteering to IOC. IOF and Peo Bengtsson have a common vision to get Foot Orienteering or Ski-Orienteering part of the Olympic we hope this dream will come through!

Peo is ready for WOD. During May 23rd he will organise an event both for children at school and for his team mates in his homeclub, OK Pan Kristianstad.

Hunan is ready for WOD

One of many dedicated orienteers, Ms Wanhui Tang from Hunan in China, is now planning for a WOD event with the target of 3500 participants. After her returned from Sweden, she devoted all of her energy to the promotion of directional sports. More and more young people participate in orienteering with the family and they are deeply fond of the sport, this is indeed something that she is very proud of.

Over the years, she has insisted on organization oriented activities and events every weekends. As you may know, in China, teenagers spend their time learning and rarely exercise, they almost have no time for sport, but orienteering changed the weekend arrangements for many children, they went outdoors from the classrooms. They become more and more independent, brave and healthy, their parents told her that orienteering activities not only didn’t affect children’s learning, but also promoted them learning because they became more autonomous and focused.

Ms Wanhui Tang is very happy when she hears these, she firmly believes that Orienteering will surely be recognized and loved by more and more people in China, and she will continue to make efforts to promote the popularization of Orienteering.

Now they have 5,000 families joining her club. Basically in order to let more Chinese know this sport, the club is doing charity. This year the club launched another plan, let orienteering enter the campus, they will try in 10 elementary schools in Changsha, Hunan.

Ms Wanhui Tang says, “I will give teachers training, I will draw a map of the campus, I will give them orienteering equipment and teaching materials, I will help them to set up sports lessons in schools, I will help them set up school orienteering sports teams or clubs, and I will organize a school-wide orienteering in each school. This is important for us to promote orienteering”.
Now they are ready for WOD in Hunan!


Just as last year, Go4orienteering supports the project World Orienteering Day. This year Go4Orienteering also offers a FREE SERIES of 48 orienteering exercises, available on request. All the information about the exercises is available on the website.

Especially useful is the text about in- and outdoor exercises, the concept and the advantages. As for the purchase of the complete set of exercises an engagement (see text) needs to be signed, this is for the protection of our work and the copyright of the exercises.

Go4O offers 2 possible series and the choice is yours, one is the classic series of exercises which can be done everywhere all over the world, in or outside, without an electronic timing system, even without a compass, OR the series to be done with the SPORTident system (the setting is identical but the exercises are slightly different). For this series you obviously need a SPORTident timing system or our eSyGo and the timing software Easygec. This software is available in multiple languages (Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish). The solutions are provided in an EasyGec file.

The exercises can be downloaded together with an instruction sheet as soon as the signed engagement is received Contact:

O-Track is ready for WOD

O-Track is now also ready for WOD. After a lot of work from both Trac-Trac and OCAD and great support from the Danish Orienteering Federation we have now released the “O-Track”. O-Track is a new app and service that make enjoying orienteering easy and fun for both beginners and experienced orienteers. You can use your GPS-watch or your phone to track your activity, upload it to O-Track and then view how you did and compare to other runners. O-Track has been developed by the Danish Orienteering Federation and TracTrac in collaboration and serves two purposes.

The first is to make orienteering fun and safe for the newcomers. The new comer can download the app to his smart phone, locate the nearest orienteering activity and use the smart phone in the hunt for controls. As the app allows the user to see his position in relation to map and course it gives the unsecure runner the assurance of knowing where he or she is at all times. In addition it is just a fun tool that allows you to see where you have been afterwards.

The second purpose is to make the upload, review and comparison of tracks easier than ever before for the experienced orienteer. As O-Track is born as an app and integrates closely with services for GPS-watches, the runner will be able to review and compare his track by a few clicks and swipes on his beloved smartphone already before he unties his shoes.
Read more about O-track:

Avesta is ready for WOD

Maze Orienteering is COOL and AWESOME!

To make orienteering more global and more available I can warmly recommend MAZE-O. It’s a fantastic tool to make orienteering fun and to get a great experience.

During last weekend our club, Dalaporten OL (in Avesta Sweden), organised a successful Maze-O in connection with the ordinary O-event. Hundreds of kids and some adult as well took part. The youngest was 2 1/2 years and the oldest (70+) was a grand old lady from an orienteering family. After the success we decided to do it once more again.

During May 23rd there will be three different events, one for schools, one for public and one competition for orienteers.

The same maze will be used in many parts of the world as well and if you want master maps please let me know:
Göran Andersson,

Asker is ready for WOD

Asker Skiclub in Oslo has sent out a simple flyer to inform the students about WOD. The translation from the flyer is as follow:
“Wednesday, May 23, is the World Orienteering Day. This day children, youth and adults in over 100 countries will run orienteering! The target is 500,000 participants, and in Norway we shall be 35,000 runners in over 200 events. At Føyka in Asker we arrange Park-O-Sprint. Everybody can attend, but that especially for the age group 5-12 years. You don’t need to know what navigation or orienteering is. Run with mom or dad, along with a friend or alone. You can choose whether you want to run with or without timekeeping. Free start between 18 and 19. Find the posts and solve the fun challenges along the way!
When you reach the finish line, you get a diploma and some refreshments.
Meet up, run orienteering and set world record!”

Seychelles is ready for WOD

If you intend to go on holiday to the Seychelles in the near future and you wish with the help

of the map to discover the island of La Digue, I can heartily recommend that you download the map from WOD’s website.

Right now we have no organizer of a WOD event at this fantastic island but if you are passing by, you are welcome to complete a WOD event there.

The map is done by the Danish Helge Lang Pedersen.

Gdansk is ready for WOD

After a successful “Harpagan” in the area outside Gdansk, the club “Pomorski” with one of the WOD Ambassador Dominika Bąkowska is ready for WOD. This year and last year they will organise a WOD event in the “Ronald Reagan Park” in Gdansk. Sprint-O, Park-O, Forest-O and maybe some Maze-O as well will be the offer from the club to all students around the park but also for athletes who are running in the park.

I need to say some words about Harpagan due it is a very tough race. The second part of the name “Extreme Orienteering Challenge” says something about the challenge you will meet during many hours walking, running or biking. Harpagan is the biggest orienteering event in Poland. It takes place twice a year: in April and October and it has been so since 1989. The motto of the Challenge is “We know ourselves only to the extent to which we have been tested” (Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize laureate).

Over 1500 participants, among them the best Polish ultra-marathoners, face the distance, map and their own weakness, regardless of the weather. Each time, the headquarters of the Challenge is located in a different city of Pomeranian Voivodeship and most of the competition takes place in woodlands. This year 10% of participants were “real” orienteers, 90% are coming from other sports or they are running this orienteering event for themselves or for a company. Every participant, who completes any of the Harpagan Classic routes within deadline, is awarded with the “Harpagan” Title. The term “Harpagan” describes a person who is vivid and full of energy as well as slightly mad and furious at the same time.

Between the Harpagan events in spring and autumn you have the possibility to take part in 15 smaller Harpagan. This kind of smaller evening event is only during 2 hours run in Gdansk or just outside the city. Maybe something to start with! If you want to challenge yourself please enjoy the next Harpagan in this autumn.

You find more information at

Our Vision

The International Orienteering Federation´s goals regarding the organisation of this annual event are as follows:
Increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people, increasing the number of participants both in the schools’ activities, as well and in the clubs’ activities in all countries of National Federations, helping teachers to implement orienteering in a fun and educational way and and to get more new countries to take part in orienteering.

Visionary course of action

Each club of all national Orienteering Federations gets in touch with at least one school.  As teachers might need help to implement orienteering so the lessons are a fun and exciting experience, the IOF is working on providing teaching materials in different languages. The Regional Development and Youth Commission of the IOF coordinates and links interested Orienteering people from its national federations together in a school orienteering network in order to exchange materials and experiences. After the event, the students get to keep their maps to take home and show to their friends and family.

WOD 2018

The next World Orienteering Days will take place on May 23rd 2018! 2018, between May 23rd and May 29th, any activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

WOD 2017

On Wednesday May 24th 2017, the second World Orienteering Day took place. It was an even greater success than last year, with 288 000 participants all around the world taking part in an orienteering event. This is new record, with 35 000 more participants than last year.

WOD 2016

On Wednesday May 11th 2016, the first World Orienteering Day was a huge success, with more than 250 000 participants all over the world taking part in an orienteering event. Schools, clubs and enthusiast all over the world made a fantastic contribution and we managed to beat the world record.

Rabbit Tour

The aim of this campaign is to create a “hot topic” among people worldwide and to be part of something bigger! The purpose of the “Rabbit Tour” is to investigate whether this type of activity is feasible in Europe and if it can be developed in 2018 to 3-5 WOD Rabbit Tours worldwide.

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