WOD event in Antarctica

Nothing is impossible! The sixth continent, Antarctica, has now got its first WOD event registered. It is very special that we now officially have an orienteering event on the ice and snow-covered continent. On May 24th, there will be a WOD event organised at Casey Station belonging to the Australian Antarctic Territory.
Mark Grainger, who works at the Casey Station, is happy to help out with the WOD event.
He says that it would be great to have an outdoor course, although snow and blizzards constantly change the landscape and accessibility around the station. The main east-west strip in front of the red shed is level and generally clear but snow build-up and compaction can sometimes create reliable pedestrian access elsewhere.
– Another choice is to use our accommodation building. It has two levels so we might be able to work out an indoor alternative – I’ll see what building drawings I can find, says Mark.
We wish Mark Grainger the best of luck with the implementation of the first orienteering event in Antarctica.