A small, but very important, report from Indonesia

This was the first time a WOD event was held in the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. The location of the event was at Campus UIN Sunan Kalijaga. MPAS Maestro FBS UNM participated in the WOD to carry out some action items, technical meeting, held a sprint race orienteering located at state University of Makassar, and fun games like maze orienteering.  With the help of the WOD promotion kit we tried to create a great brand of Orienteering and I think we were quite successful.


The number of participants who took part in this activity was as much as 62 participants and registration is open generally for 9 days with some quiz using barcode application at each control point.

This orienteering sports activity, in addition to adding insights and new information about orienteering for beginners, also gives them a lesson in using orienteering maps that have never been studied by the participants of previous competitions.


The participants were very enthusiastic to participate in this activity, they say this sport is very exciting and educating, meaning orienteering particularly in Indonesia will be a new sport that will be loved by young people.


//Tukang Desain

One of WOD event organiser in Yogyakarta, Indonesia