History and WOD

During World Orienteering Day 2019 there was a historical cooperation between history and WOD.

Orienteering USA, with the main contact person Sandy Fillebrown, was in contact with the Swedish American Historical Museum in Philadelphia, where an exhibition for showcasing old compasses and other orienteering paraphernalia was planned during spring. After proposal from the local club, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association, who was responsible for creating the maps, it was agreed that the exhibition would be tied into World Orienteering Day.

For the exhibit, a “permanent course” was designed of the park that visits many of the park’s historical sites.  Visitors to the museum could take a copy of the map and control descriptions, check out some compasses and do the courses.  The aim of this arrangement was not only for US orienteers but also for school children who wanted to try orienteering for the first time.

On May 15th the first World Orienteering Day event was held with two beginner friendly, sprint-like courses. On the 19th of May the second World Orienteering Day event was held, with the same two sprint courses.

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