World Orienteering Week Banner

Everyone can order the new World Orienteering Week! Banner 400×150 cm, PVC, enforced at all edges with holes for fastening. 50 euros a piece or FREE digital file for self print.30 euros extra if you want your Federation or Club logo printed on the banner. Want to order? Send an email to Walther Rahbek Mortensen, … Continued

WOW – new logo

World Orienteering Week have a new logo. New, but at the same time with clear traces of the old. And that is precisely what we want to achieve. A little new but still the same. The last two years World Orienteering Day has been organised for a whole week, to give the chance for every … Continued

Offer from Lumonite

IOF partner Lumonite now delivers its high-quality head lamps to most of Europe through Valostore. Use this link to get 15 % on Lumonite’s products right now.


MAZE Orienteering (MAZE O) is a great tool for education, promotion, activities for children and youth, for training and competition. MAZE O can be used in many areas. MAZE O is both easy to arrange and easy for participants and audience to understand. MAZE O is a multi-tool for the development of the sport of … Continued

Plans for WOW 2024

One of the person that already have preregistered a World Orienteering Week event for 2024 is Domonkos Győrffy, usually called Doma amongst orienteers. It is the first time that he will organise an event. He is from Hungary but lives today in Constance. He have been doing orienteering for some time and when he arrived … Continued

Preregistered for WOW 2024

In Norway, in a small club, IL Leik, in Trøndelag, Ole Gunnar Sølberg has started the plans towards World Orienteering Week 2024. In IL Leik they are usually between 30 and 50 people at the orienteering trainings and orienteering competitions. They have been part in previous WOD events and will continue with WOW! In 2024, … Continued

Global Development Webinar

From November 2 and once every month until March, you will again have the unique opportunity to get insights on orienteering development through a new series of Global Development Webinars. The first webinar has the title “World Orienteering Week (WOW) 2024 – how do we make it a success for you?”. The webinar will be … Continued

World Orienteering Week 2024

From 2024 and onwards it will be World Orienteering Week instead of World Orienteering Day. This was decided by the IOF Council during their meeting in September. The dates will be the 18th to the 26th of May. During this week every orienteering event, local club training, smaller competition to bigger event, that you organise … Continued

World Orienteering Day 2023 in figures

World Orienteering Day 2023 was organised, between the dates May 17th and May 23rd, any activity held could be registered as a World Orienteering Day event. In total 780 events were organised with 100 952 participants in 63 countries / regions around the world. This is an increase in the number of participants and events comparing … Continued

SPORTIdent World Orienteering Day 2023 Raffle!

SPORTIdent have a World Orienteering Day Raffle. It starts on 17.05.23! No matter if you are a professional, a beginner or an “I-test-orienteering-once” person, everyone can answer the 3 questions about Orienteering and get the chance to win the WOD Raffle prize. Let SPORTIdent surprise you. It’s best to mark the date in your calendar … Continued