Avesta is ready for WOD

Maze Orienteering is COOL and AWESOME!

To make orienteering more global and more available I can warmly recommend MAZE-O. It’s a fantastic tool to make orienteering fun and to get a great experience.

During last weekend our club, Dalaporten OL (in Avesta Sweden), organised a successful Maze-O in connection with the ordinary O-event. Hundreds of kids and some adult as well took part. The youngest was 2 1/2 years and the oldest (70+) was a grand old lady from an orienteering family. After the success we decided to do it once more again.

During May 23rd there will be three different events, one for schools, one for public and one competition for orienteers.

The same maze will be used in many parts of the world as well and if you want master maps please let me know:
Göran Andersson, byorienteering@gmail.com