Be inspired by the Swedish Orienteering Federation

The Swedish Orienteering Federation have decided to take a more active role in World Orienteering Day 2019. Moa Olsson, newly appointed Children and Youth developer at the Swedish Orienteering Federation, says that they want to make the event more visible and that they will work hard with the marketing of WOD the weeks before the event. Further Moa says;

If we succeed in this, I absolutely believe we can contribute to increasing the number of WOD activities around the country”.

The Swedish Orienteering Federation plans to advertise WOD on their website, in their social media channels and newsletters, and in the Swedish orienteering magazine,” Skogssport”.

In a couple of weeks’ time, the Swedish Federation will send out letters to all the districts in Sweden, which will include information about World Orienteering Day, and encourage the districts to spread the information to local clubs. The Swedish Orienteering Federations also plans to make a WOD poster that can be used by competition organizers to promote WOD at their events during the spring.

In order to give some inspiration to new clubs and also to those who have been more active in previous years, the Swedish Orienteering Federation intend to produce a collection of fun and creative activities from previous years’ WODs.

Moa says;

I believe that the message with WOD becomes more clear and noticeable if the WOD event is on a different day than on a “regular” Tuesday training”.

Concerning school activities, the Swedish Orienteering Federation hopes to be able to spread the message to clubs that they encourage each club to contacts a local school in the nearby area and adjust its WOD activity according to the knowledge level of the participants.

Moa ends by saying; ”I will of course think about what the Swedish Orienteering Federation and I can contribute with. I will talk to clubs and hear what they think, they certainly have many good ideas!”.