“Be part of something bigger!”

Soon 5 months to go for the next WORLD ORIENTEERING DAY!

On Wednesday May 23rd 2018, the third World Orienteering Day will be conducted all over the world.

With the new record, 288 007 participants in 79 countries, last year we are now ready to achieve the IOF’s vision!

Following the idea “Be part of something bigger-Colour the World”, people all over the world will take part in locally organised orienteering events, and celebrate the biggest world-wide orienteering event ever.

“500 000 participants, at 5000 locations in 100 countries” is the target we want to achieve.

Is it possible?

YES, of course it’s possible!

If Turkey can get more than 80000 children taking part at WOD I have a very great hope to achieve the target together with all big orienteering countries.

Many countries, e.g. China, Norway, Czech Republic, USA, Serbia, France and Egypt increased the participation last time and if countries e.g. Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland can improve the activities next year we will achieve the vision.

If we get the passion and the attitude I’m sure it’s possible to achieve the target!

Already now you can register your WOD event at worldorienteeringday.com.

The main day of WOD 2018 will be May 23rd but you have the possibility to organise an event until May 30th. That means you can both carry out a WOD event at school, at your club hut, at your work or a normal orienteering training can be a WOD event.


Take the chance to be part of something bigger!


Göran Andersson

WOD – Project Coordinator