Blair Trewin participates in 4 WOD events during one day

Australia is a large country, and World Orienteering Day events will be taking place in many parts of it.

Blair Trewin, the President of Orienteering Australia (and member of the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission) will be taking on a special challenge on World Orienteering Day – competing in orienteering events in four different states and territories of Australia on the same day. The events will be spread over a distance of nearly 2000 kilometres.

He will start the day with a park event at sunrise in central Brisbane (Queensland), then fly to Canberra to run in a forest event near Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) and a park event just across the New South Wales border in Queanbeyan. He will then travel to Victoria to finish the day at an evening urban event in the suburbs of Melbourne.

As well as promoting World Orienteering Day, Blair is hoping to raise funds to support Australia’s teams for WOC, JWOC and MTBO WOC. A donations page has been set up through the Australian Sports Foundation.