Offer from Lumonite for WOD 2021

World Orienteering Day’s newest partner Lumonite have an offer to all of you who organise an World Orienteering Day event. Together Lumonite and World Orienteering Day want to make orienteering more visible and building orienteering as a sport, worldwide. Read more about the offer from Lumonite on the World Orienteering Day page for offers from … Continued

World Orienteering Day 2021 – two opportunities

The reaction to the announcement that World Orienteering Day 2021 would be postponed from May to September was huge. A lot of people contacted the IOF both applauding and welcoming the decision but nearly equally many reinforcing the fact that they were ready to go ahead in May and hoped to be able to do … Continued

Lumonite – new partner to WOD

Lumonite is a relatively newly developed headlamps. The lamps are developed in Finland where the company behind the brand, Handshake Finland Oy, is based. Lumonite is active in many of the night orienteering countries. The lamps are developed for orienteering and are also used in other sports, for example enduro and cross-country skiing. Lumonite and … Continued

Offer from SIGNSPORT for WOD 2021

SIGN SPORT is one of the partners to World Orienteering Day. Stanimir Enchev at SIGN-SPORT says; ”We are very happy to be an official partner of IOF and WOD. As a team of orienteers we hope that, with the WOD product collection and the recognizable design, together we will make the orienteering even more visible … Continued

World Orienteering Day 2021 postponed to September

The difficult situation with the Covid-19 pandemic in the world looks to continue, at least for the first half of 2021. Most countries are projecting vaccination programs to be far enough advanced for opening wider activities around mid-year (June-July). The IOF does not wish to encourage breaking any national laws or/and recommendations concerning the gathering … Continued

Updated offer from OCAD for WOD 2021

OCAD is one of World Orienteering Day’s partners. Andreas Kyburz at OCAD says; “We at OCAD are enthusiastic orienteers and orienteering mapmakers. Therefore, we would be happy if many new maps were created in connection with WOD and hope to contribute to its success with our free OCAD licences.“ OCAD have a new offer to … Continued

World Orienteering Day 2021

2021 is around the corner, and it is time to start the work towards World Orienteering Day 2021. Between the dates 19th to 25th of May next year, any activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event. WOD has started up the plans for 2021 and we are looking forward to hearing … Continued


SIGN SPORT is designing and producing sports clothes, with a focus on orienteering clothes. The company is growing rapidly and currently supply more than 500 orienteering clubs globally with designed clothes. The partnership includes that SIGN SPORT will handle the design and production of IOF official IOF clothes and the World Orienteering Day collection. ”It … Continued

History and WOD

During World Orienteering Day 2019 there was a historical cooperation between history and WOD. Orienteering USA, with the main contact person Sandy Fillebrown, was in contact with the Swedish American Historical Museum in Philadelphia, where an exhibition for showcasing old compasses and other orienteering paraphernalia was planned during spring. After proposal from the local club, … Continued

Challenges for WOD

A crucial success factor has been the approach of the National Federations. Analysis found that where the National Federation made a focused effort to work with World Orienteering Day, for example by having a national WOD strategy, collaborating with schools and clubs, or promotion and communication of WOD through their own channels, participation numbers reflected … Continued