Challenges for WOD

A crucial success factor has been the approach of the National Federations. Analysis found that where the National Federation made a focused effort to work with World Orienteering Day, for example by having a national WOD strategy, collaborating with schools and clubs, or promotion and communication of WOD through their own channels, participation numbers reflected their efforts in a positive way. 

Some conclusions as below:

  • The National Federation (NF) has a strategy to achieve the target.
  • Information and promotion by NF or by club or local organiser.
  • An active collaboration between NF/club and
  • Information and promotion by NF, club or local organiser.
  • NF has a part time employed WOD staff.
  • Clubs are working active with both PH Teachers and Headmasters at school.
  • Production of special maps to WOD is vital.
  • Translation of WOD website and WOD materialand helps the organiser to make the work easier.
  • The slogan “Be part of something bigger – Colour the world” is useful to commit people.

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