What are your main concern for being a partner to World Orienteering Day?

Emit wants to be a partner who is involved in developing the orienteering sport for future generations.

Why did you want to be a partner to World Orienteering Day?

When Göran Andersson came with this idea some years ago I immediately said that emit will be a partner for this activity. It is a great idea to get orienteering known internationally for young people and also to get schools involved to use this day for orienteering activity.

In what way will you contribute to World Orienteering Day 2019?

We still support IOF and the activities they are doing around the world as a partner. We are also involved nationally in some countries and we will be present and active in supporting World Orienteering Day in Asker in Norway.

What do you think that World Orienteering Day can do for orienteering globally?

I hope we can get more countries to organize activities this day. Every orienteering club around the world should have at least one activity for one school. Then there will be a lot more young people for the future who might start running and organizing orienteering activities.

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