Emit’s new School-kit for Orienteering

In our cooperation with World Orienteering Day EMIT has an especially offer schools and clubs. The new school-kit for orienteering consists of 25 emiTags with elastic Velcro, 15 Touch-Free Trainer (TFT) controls (incl start and finish), the new eScan reader and a thermal, Bluetooth printer with rechargeable batteries. 15 control flags are also included.


emiTag chip with elastic Velcro

Active, electronic timing chip used in a variety of sports. The emiTag registers time and code for all controls it detects. Built-in, orange led flashes sharply for five seconds after detecting a control. Storing capacity of 500 controls, with codes and times. State-of-the-art lithium battery estimated to last for five years. Elastic Velcro made for orienteering.


eScan reader with portable Bluetooth printer

The eScan reader is used to download all controls (and times) from the emiTags, after the competitor has crossed the finish-line. Intermediate times are immediately printed on the portable Bluetooth printer, and may also be downloaded to a PC, tablet or smartphone. The school-kit is delivered in a suitable case, with a charger, mini-usb cable and driver-cd included, as well as Emits’ own power bank – to give you more than 10.000 mA of extra power!


Touch-Free Trainer TFT controls

The Touch-Free Trainer (TFT) controls are made for use at school-orienteering events, practise events and all other sorts of orienteering. The TFT-controls continuously transmit a signal containing a control code from 100 to 199. This code is registered by emiTags, that are within a range of 25 cm from the TFT-unit. Powered by two AA-batteries, which lasts for one season (6 months).


EMIT’s offer

The new school-kit for orienteering

EUR 2 890 net

More than 20% discount compared to list-prices

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