Frequently Asked Questions


The main goal is to work with schools, but of course you can also conduct trainings for club members or conduct activities with local partners. WOD focuses primarily on young people, although not exclusively!


If you are a teacher and you want to take part in WOD with your class or with your entire school – great!

If you are a member of an Orienteering club and you want to help a school to take part in WOD – perfect!

If you are a club coach and you plan to register your club training for WOD – you’re most welcome!

If you are a community member and you want to encourage your community to participate in a healthy activity – WOD is a perfect opportunity!

If you are an employee and you want to organise Orienteering as a team building or company event – WOD is most suited for this as well.


What VENUE does WOD require?

It does not matter if your WOD event takes part in a school yard, your neighbourhood, a park or a forest. You can even organise an Orienteering event in a shopping mall or using the map of the public transport system. Central is: Your WOD activity needs to involve orienteering skills!


What FORMAT should the WOD-events have?

During the 24-hour activity of the WOD, you have a great opportunity to implement all kinds of exciting orienteering. You can orienteer during the day or you can conduct night orienteering.

You can walk, jog and run, you can ride a bike and you can go rollerblading, you can do it with a friend, push a pram along, you can do it in a group and you can do it alone. Your own imagination is your only limit!