Gdansk is ready for WOD

After a successful “Harpagan” in the area outside Gdansk, the club “Pomorski” with one of the WOD Ambassador Dominika Bąkowska is ready for WOD. This year and last year they will organise a WOD event in the “Ronald Reagan Park” in Gdansk. Sprint-O, Park-O, Forest-O and maybe some Maze-O as well will be the offer from the club to all students around the park but also for athletes who are running in the park.

I need to say some words about Harpagan due it is a very tough race. The second part of the name “Extreme Orienteering Challenge” says something about the challenge you will meet during many hours walking, running or biking. Harpagan is the biggest orienteering event in Poland. It takes place twice a year: in April and October and it has been so since 1989. The motto of the Challenge is “We know ourselves only to the extent to which we have been tested” (Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize laureate).

Over 1500 participants, among them the best Polish ultra-marathoners, face the distance, map and their own weakness, regardless of the weather. Each time, the headquarters of the Challenge is located in a different city of Pomeranian Voivodeship and most of the competition takes place in woodlands. This year 10% of participants were “real” orienteers, 90% are coming from other sports or they are running this orienteering event for themselves or for a company. Every participant, who completes any of the Harpagan Classic routes within deadline, is awarded with the “Harpagan” Title. The term “Harpagan” describes a person who is vivid and full of energy as well as slightly mad and furious at the same time.

Between the Harpagan events in spring and autumn you have the possibility to take part in 15 smaller Harpagan. This kind of smaller evening event is only during 2 hours run in Gdansk or just outside the city. Maybe something to start with! If you want to challenge yourself please enjoy the next Harpagan in this autumn.

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