Global Maze Orienteering Championship in the future?

Maze Orienteering is a great opportunity to understand and learn orienteering in a simple and safe way. Suitable to small areas, using a very simple map, easy to build, flexible and accessible to all and, above all, an intensive and fun activity for young people. Only the imagination is the limiting factor.

We would like to implement Maze-O in as many places as possible during World Orienteering Day. If there is no map at a school or nearby, this is the easiest way to conduct an orienteering activity. We have seen that there are already many who are using Maze-O for different purposes, such as technical training, fun contest or just as spontaneous activity. Imagine if we put up a Maze-O at every schoolyard in the world?

Imagine the same maze and the same course at the same time in major cities around the world; London, New York, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Moscow, Cairo, Paris, as well as small cities and villages. What a challenge and what an event!

We want to work for a “Global Maze Orienteering Championship” in the future and we want inspiration and ideas from all who are interested in the development of orienteering. Please submit your proposal of a Maze-O you think would be possible to organise as a race event in the future. This proposal should include maps and courses and how it would be implemented. We will put your ideas together and show them in our WOD News, so that maybe already during WOD 2018, everyone can use them to be part of something bigger and achieve the goal of 500 000 participants in 100 countries during World Orienteering Day 2018.


Send your proposal to Göran Andersson at by latest March 15th.