Go4orienteering supports the project for the World Orienteering Day. Especially for this occasion Go4O offers 1 FREE SERIES of 48 orienteering exercises, it is available on request.

All the information about the exercises is available on the website. Especially useful is the text about in- and outdoor exercises, the concept and the advantages. As for the purchase of the complete set of exercises an engagement (see text) needs to be signed, this is for the protection of our work and the copyright of the exercises.

Go4O offers 2 possible series and the choice is yours, one is the classic series of exercises which can be done everywhere all over the world, in or outside, without an electronic timing system, even without a compass, OR the first series of exercises developed especially as a result of our recent partnership with SPORTident (the setting is identical but the exercises are slightly different). For this series you obviously need a SPORTident timing system and a simple timing software for instance Easygec. This software is available in multiple languages (Dutch, English, French and German). The solutions are provided in an EasyGec file.

The exercises will be delivered with an instruction sheet as soon as the signed engagement is received.

Contact: mailto:info@go4orienteering.org.