Hunan is ready for WOD

One of many dedicated orienteers, Ms Wanhui Tang from Hunan in China, is now planning for a WOD event with the target of 3500 participants. After her returned from Sweden, she devoted all of her energy to the promotion of directional sports. More and more young people participate in orienteering with the family and they are deeply fond of the sport, this is indeed something that she is very proud of.

Over the years, she has insisted on organization oriented activities and events every weekends. As you may know, in China, teenagers spend their time learning and rarely exercise, they almost have no time for sport, but orienteering changed the weekend arrangements for many children, they went outdoors from the classrooms. They become more and more independent, brave and healthy, their parents told her that orienteering activities not only didn’t affect children’s learning, but also promoted them learning because they became more autonomous and focused.

Ms Wanhui Tang is very happy when she hears these, she firmly believes that Orienteering will surely be recognized and loved by more and more people in China, and she will continue to make efforts to promote the popularization of Orienteering.

Now they have 5,000 families joining her club. Basically in order to let more Chinese know this sport, the club is doing charity. This year the club launched another plan, let orienteering enter the campus, they will try in 10 elementary schools in Changsha, Hunan.

Ms Wanhui Tang says, “I will give teachers training, I will draw a map of the campus, I will give them orienteering equipment and teaching materials, I will help them to set up sports lessons in schools, I will help them set up school orienteering sports teams or clubs, and I will organize a school-wide orienteering in each school. This is important for us to promote orienteering”.
Now they are ready for WOD in Hunan!