Hunan League, a pre-event to WOD


Brandy Tang and her team in Hunan, China are preparing for this year’s WOD event, and she hopes they will exceed last years total participation number of 2462, by attracting more than 3000 participants. Since orienteering as a sport is not well known to the Chinese public, she needs to do a great deal of education work.

Although the work is hard, she is happy to see more and more people learning orienteering and then loving it!


This year, she has started an orienteering league in Hunan Province. She planned to include six competitions, each with a size of 1000 participants or so. The first competition ended on April, 29th. With 800 participants attending and over 10 media units covering the event, it has brought good effects. For many people to hear and know about the sport is a source of encouragement for her.



The photos from the Hunan event April 29th show happy people doing navigation in a lovely area and of course she remembered to promote WOD 2017.