Join the WOD Rabbit Tour through Europe

The aim of this campaign is to create a “hot topic” among people worldwide and to be part of something bigger! The purpose of the “Rabbit Tour” is to investigate whether this type of activity is feasible in Europe and if it can be developed in 2018 to 3-5 WOD Rabbit Tours worldwide. Follow the Rabbit Tour here.


rabbitThe Rabbit’s tour through Europe

Help the rabbit to visit as many WOD 2017 registered event places in as many European countries as possible before World Orienteering Day, May 24th! This is a challenge that will involve the entire world in the end. We want to see if the rabbit can get from one place in the world to another by letting people collaborate with each other. We can all help each other to bring the rabbit a step closer to its destination by passing it forward to the next person. Around the rabbit’s neck hangs a map of countries that the rabbit should pass. These can be seen as checkpoints. The rabbit doesn’t have to go in a straight line from one country to another, it can take some detours. It will be great if some of the upcoming WOD events 2017 can host the rabbit for a day or two.


Balkan is one of many checkpoints

Rabbit-course-EnglishThe rabbit will start its tour in Borlänge, Sweden, on March 2nd, 2017. During three hours kids and youngsters have the possibilities to take part in a Micro Orienteering in the shopping centre Kupolen in Borlänge. After the Micro-O the Rabbit will start the Tour and travel through as many countries in Europe as possible!

There are two checkpoints the rabbit must pass; one country in the Balkans and one country in the rest of Europe before the rabbit reaches the Finish in Finnish Turku, the host of the World Cup and one of many WOD 2017 events! Each year WOD would like to help different regions to support the development of orienteering and this year we will have focus on the Balkan countries. But of course, the vision is that the rabbit visits as many countries in Europe during 3 months as possible.


Have you got the rabbit?

Are you one of the lucky ones who will help the rabbit on its journey around Europe? If so, take a picture of the rabbit, either with yourself in the picture or anything else worth seeing from your location. Upload the picture on Instagram and Hashtag #WODColourTheWorld. Remember to turn on geolocation so that everyone can see where the rabbit is. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a chance to win an orienteering kit from Silva, EMIT, SPORTident, OCAD or a WOD buff/headband from Bryzos! The prizes will be chosen among those who participated in the rabbit tour when the rabbit reaches its destination.

Once you’ve uploaded your picture on Instagram it’s time to pass on the rabbit to your friend, colleague, cousin or whoever wants to help the rabbit to continue its tour. Together, we can achieve our common goal and help the rabbit to travel through Europe.


Which route choice will the rabbit take?

On this map, you can see a suggestion of checkpoints which the rabbit can go through during its tour of Europe. But it’s just a suggestion and a real rabbit tour will depend on you and all those who get involved! The map will be updated regularly, so people can follow the rabbit’s journey. Each time the rabbit arrives to a new country, the map will change in a new colour for each country.


Contest: Give the rabbit a name!

Bunny, Hopper, Lucky, Thumper… There are lots of great and fun names for a rabbit. Our WOD mascot needs a name. We need your help! Share your thoughts about the rabbit’s name on social media. Please forward your proposal to Göran Andersson, Malin Fuhr or Patrick Kunz (the WOD working group) by May 15th at the latest. We will announce the winning name and the winner of the competition on May 19th. The winner will receive a valuable prize.