Lebanon is one of 11 non-IOF members organising a WOD event (so far!)

Lebanon is one of 11 non-IOF members organising WOD events this year: Albania, Greece, Iceland, Haiti, Kosovo, Philippines, Lebanon, Macau, Oman, Cambodja and Singapore. Today we have 68 countries and 800 WOD events registered.

Last year, Diana Malaeb participated in the O-Ringen Academy and she was dreaming about starting an orienteering federation in Lebanon. She started cooperating with the Lebanese military and continues to be optimistic about her future vision. Today she is coming closer and closer to achieving the dream! She recently established Orienteering Lebanon Association, and the first WOD event is now registered and will take place in the hilly village Aaley, just 10 km East of Beirut. Diana plans to introduce the sport to the scouts’ associations in Lebanon, in addition to schools, universities, and the public, to continue to widen the scope of the participators and make the sport reach a greater audience.

We wish all new countries good luck, both with WOD and becoming part of the IOF very soon.