Maze is amazing!

Maze-O is a really great tool to use when you want to introduce orienteering or to promote the sport. Together with a normal O-event, outside the club hut, close to the gymnasium at school or at shopping centre you have a lot of opportunities to get people running in a maze. All of them, young or old, enjoy the activity.

Maze-O is a great activity and it’s quite easy to set up in a small area. You can build your own terrain in the school yard and change it whenever you want. Great training to practice orienteering with your own map, or using the concept “Red-to-Red”! Or just for fun! Students will run again and again and again…

Maze-O is growing worldwide and many WOD organisers are asking for help to implement a Maze-O during World Orienteering Day. Last year I was using the Maze at many occasions and the experiences was fantastic. I used four different courses with different difficulties (green, blue, red and black). I used Maze-O separately  (four courses) or together with a sprint race (three Maze courses and two sprint courses).

Here are some ideas how you can run a Maze-O:

  • A Maze built as the drawing  shows
  • Use banners as a frame around the maze
  • Use tape inside the maze to show all tracks
  • Print each course in size of A5 and laminate to reuse
  • Put a poster together in size of A3 for promotion

Please download all these examples and use them for free! Soon you can also download the maps as pdf from WOD website.
And, of course, remember to register your WOD event at www.worldorienteeringday

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