New record for World Orienteering Day 2018

World Orienteering Day (WOD) has already passed the old record from 2017 (288 007 participants).

The number of participants reported until today is 292,801 and it’s expected that there will be more than 300,000 participants in 2018.
This is the third time that WOD has been organised and within a few years, IOF’s vision of 500,000 participants, at 5000 locations and in 100 countries will certainly be reached.

At the moment we have 73 countries reported but we are still waiting for the reports from some countries in Africa, Asia and Caribbean and hopefully we will achieve 80 countries.

The International Orienteering Federation´s goals regarding the organisation of this annual event are as follows:
• Increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people
• Increasing the number of participants both in the schools’ activities, as well and in the clubs’ activities in all countries of National Federations
• Helping teachers to implement orienteering in a fun and educational way
• To get more new countries to take part in orienteering
“Be part of something Bigger – Colour the World”!