Night Orienteering in Australia – the first WOD event 2016

Noah Poland, a 15-year-old boy from Australia, was really excited when he heard about the first World Orienteering Day in 2016. He went to his club and searched for what events were on his city. As it turned out, the events that were on clashed with other commitments.
So, he began thinking, how could he still be involved in WOD? Then the thought came, perhaps Australia could organise the first WOD event ever? But who could organise such an event?
And, if we were to beat New Zealand and New Caledonia how would we do it?
So he got onto Facebook, and using his clubs page, he set up a Facebook event. He invited all the orienteers he knew, only expecting to get one or two people showing interest. But it was a success! About ten people said that they were coming within a week.
The event was scheduled for a mass start at 6:15 AM. And in the dark, the first competitors were arriving!
After a great event with winning times of 16mins, finish sprints and a great bit of fun; Noah packed up the club banner, walked to the bus stop and caught the bus to school.

Everything is about commitment and passion to the sport, some promotion and some marketing and a little bit of “thinking outside the box”.
What kind of plans do you have to implement WOD on May 24th this year?

Be part of something bigger! Colour the world!