Norway is preparing for World Orienteering Day 2023

The Norweigan Orienteering Federation has since 2020 been working with a project called “school- and recruitment” with the purpose that children and young people across the country are physically active in their local area and learn how to use maps through play-based activities in school and free time. In this they have activiely promoted the participation in World Orinnteering Day as one way to achive this.

They have also made an information letter to all local clubs in Norway including information regarding World Orienteering Day with inspiration of what kind of activitites that can be done. To inspire even more the Norwegian Federation will raffle prizes among the World Orienteering Day organisers in Norway.

As a step of introduce orienteering to children and youths the Norweigan Orienteering federation has made a banner with basic information about orienteering, such as the colour on the map, the main points of a course and some other easy advice to remember.

Norway has so far preregistered one WOD event, how many is it from your country?

Preregister your World Orienteering Day event here!

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