O-Track is ready for WOD

O-Track is now also ready for WOD. After a lot of work from both Trac-Trac and OCAD and great support from the Danish Orienteering Federation we have now released the “O-Track”. O-Track is a new app and service that make enjoying orienteering easy and fun for both beginners and experienced orienteers. You can use your GPS-watch or your phone to track your activity, upload it to O-Track and then view how you did and compare to other runners. O-Track has been developed by the Danish Orienteering Federation and TracTrac in collaboration and serves two purposes.

The first is to make orienteering fun and safe for the newcomers. The new comer can download the app to his smart phone, locate the nearest orienteering activity and use the smart phone in the hunt for controls. As the app allows the user to see his position in relation to map and course it gives the unsecure runner the assurance of knowing where he or she is at all times. In addition it is just a fun tool that allows you to see where you have been afterwards.

The second purpose is to make the upload, review and comparison of tracks easier than ever before for the experienced orienteer. As O-Track is born as an app and integrates closely with services for GPS-watches, the runner will be able to review and compare his track by a few clicks and swipes on his beloved smartphone already before he unties his shoes.
Read more about O-track: https://www.o-track.dk/en/about