OCAD’s offer to the World Orienteering Day 2023

OCAD is one of the partners of World Orienteering Day.

OCAD is offering a free OCAD Starter license to anyone who registers a World Orienteering Day event in 2023.

The license is valid until August 2023.

With OCAD Starter, you will be well equipped to draw an orienteering map and set courses for World Orienteering Day.

The updated document ‘Creating Orienteering Maps with OCAD’ will guide you through the creation process: https://www.ocad.com/docs/World_Orienteering_Day_OCAD_Tutorial.pdf

For more information about the software, see the ‘Getting Started with OCAD‘ document, available in several languages, or visit the OCAD website.

Have fun and enjoy!

Read more about the offer from OCAD on the World Orienteering Day page for offers from WOD event partners.

Register your WOD event here: https://worldorienteeringday.com/index.php/register

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