Orienteering in new areas

During these four years WOD has been implemented in 106 countries or territories. It means there are more than 30 possible new members of IOF in the future. Schools, clubs and enthusiast all over the world made a fantastic contribution, and together managed to increase the numbers of participants. Following the idea “Be part of something bigger- colour the world”, people all over the world took part in locally organised orienteering events and celebrated the biggest world-wide orienteering event ever. World Orienteering Day is a very important tool to attract young people to the sport of orienteering, and it has been a success even in many countries where orienteering is not so well-known.

Important conclusions can be read below:

  • IOF’s Development Coordinators have been very useful to implement WOD in new countries.
  • An active local person with passion for orienteering makes different.
  • WOD is a simple tool to implement and develop orienteering in unknown area.
  • WOD will help new countries to get recognised by National Sport Confederation.
  • WOD’s promotion kits are important to make orienteering more visible, accessible and attractive.

WOD is a great tool to use to implement orienteering in new areas.

Be part of something Bigger – Colour the World!

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