Plans for WOW 2024

One of the person that already have preregistered a World Orienteering Week event for 2024 is Domonkos Győrffy, usually called Doma amongst orienteers. It is the first time that he will organise an event.

He is from Hungary but lives today in Constance. He have been doing orienteering for some time and when he arrived to Constance he was the only orienteer in this part of Germany. The nearest Club is 200 km away!

Since then, he have been trying to make orienteering more popular here in Constance. As a part of that he has a project with an orienteering group in the University.

The reason for him to preregsister to WOW 2024 was that the his students wanted an O-event for which they don’t have to travel at least 2 hours and is in the vicinity. There is a planned cooperation with a local school as well.

The plan is a traditional orienteering course or a score orienteering. The pupil at the school are between 10 and 18 years old and the plan is that all of them get a chance  to try their hand at orienteering, that would meen about 900 students. Domas hopes are high!

Preregister your WOW event here as well!

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