Popular Indoor Orienteering

Indoor Orienteering is becoming increasingly popular to arrange in Scandinavia, especially during the winter when it is dark, cold and snowy in much of northern Europe. A few weeks ago “Stockholm Indoor Open” with 1500 participants was organised again.

Hässleholms Orienteering Club in southern Sweden has for several years successfully arranged indoor orienteering in the local sports hall. The ball field, stands, dressing rooms, cafeteria and several other areas have been used as terrain. The map is drawn with some local symbols but fully understandable.

Many participants consider the indoor orienteering something very fun and different from normal orienteering. Map reading is intense, many route choices have to be made and the decisions are made under time pressure.

This kind of orienteering is recommended both for active orienteers and to attract young people to the sport. Building up the terrain with obstacles or to build variants of mazes is something that the participants are happy to help with as well.

Indoor Orienteering and outdoor mazes have definitely come to stay as young people discover orienteering as fun and exciting sport!

Photo: Emmy Helmersson and Ludvig Hallabro, Hässlehoms OK