Preregistered for WOW 2024

In Norway, in a small club, IL Leik, in Trøndelag, Ole Gunnar Sølberg has started the plans towards World Orienteering Week 2024. In IL Leik they are usually between 30 and 50 people at the orienteering trainings and orienteering competitions.

They have been part in previous WOD events and will continue with WOW!

In 2024, they hope to gather more recruits at the WOW event. They intend to focus more on the WOW event and use it to increase interest in their regular orienteering trainings.

The current plan for WOW 2024 is to arrange training run with extended activities for beginners.

They will have 4 courses;

Beginner course, 1 km

C-level, 2 km

B-level, 3 km

A-level, 5 km.

Something for everyone!

After the races they will have free coffee, juice and cake.

Probably all the beginners will get a small prize as well.

Preregister your WOW event here as well!

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