Rabbit’s new name is “WODY”!

We have got a lot of great names from all over the world and the winning proposal of the Rabbit’s name is “WODY”. The name is created by Muh Aswar from Indonesia

Hi Muh Aswar, you are the winner of the name competition!

-Really? he says. I can’t believe that the name WODY would be chosen. Thank you so much!

What is the idea of WODY?

I wanted to include WOD in the name, and to make it more funny, I added ‘Y’ at the end. Simple, so that the word WOD (World Orienteering Day) can be found anytime in WODY’s name. I think the best names are simple and memorable.  It sounds cute.  For WOD 2018, I hope WODY’s Tour can visit Indonesia!


Who are you?

My name is Muh Aswar.  I am 25 years old, I am from Indonesia. I am very interested in outdoor activities and all about graphic design. I spend time on that activity. That is my passion. I have a great ambition for that.  My interest in orienteering activities I get from my organisation MPAS MAESTRO FBS UNM. I am proud of it. Orienteering is a very educating sport for everyone. It’s a cool sport. We will hold a National Event of Orienteering Competition for the third time in September 2017. JELAJAH KOTA DAENG 3 is our event. We hope there will be more orienteering activities in Indonesia and our mission is to make orienteering the National Sport in Indonesia. We expect support for it. I like to be a part of something bigger.  I like the WOD’s tagline “BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER, COLOUR THE WORLD”

What is your plan for WOD 2017?

For the May 24th, our organisation MPAS MAESTRO (Faculty of language and literature) at the university of Makassar, will participate in a WOD event, and we will implement sprint orienteering and maze orienteering, while socializing with school and university students who have an interest in the sport of orienteering.