Report from Hunan regarding WOD

Although orienteering has been going on in China for more than 40 years, not many people knowing so much about the sport.

It really requires people who love this sport to go on for a long time to promote and organize various activities for everyone to experience and participate in.

Orienteering is a charming sport, but you can’t feel it without experiencing it, that’s why the team have insisted on organizing various activities every weekends. Whatever summer is hot and winter is cold, whatever there are few people from time to time, we will still insist on. Chinese students have a lot of extracurricular study classes, and each child has a different time in the extracurricular class. In order not to let any child who is interested in orienteering to participate in the orientation because of time, we decided to work hard on our own team and organize targeted activities on weekends two days a day, This is not an easy thing to do, it takes a long time to persist for a few years or even longer. This requires a belief in support. It is my heartfelt love of the sport. I hope that more and more people in China will understand, love and participate in this.

Of course, the future road will certainly face greater difficulties and challenges, but I believe that as long as there is a dream in mind, as long as you and IOF support, I will continue to stick to it. We also sincerely hope that the directional movement we love will develop better and better throughout the world!