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The year was 1933, just 14 years after orienteering had become a competitive sport, when a trio of Swedish Champions in orienteering put their heads together to improve their equipment to achieve better results. The first real competition compass was created. Since then, Silva has taken the lead of developing compasses in many different areas and today, Silva is the world leader in compasses for orienteering.

In the past, the map was very underdeveloped and in those days orienteering was all about following the compass. Today it is very different. The maps are very detailed and well-drawn. Today’s orienteering is very much about map reading and orientating the map to the terrain and the reality.

15 years ago, the compass ”66 OMC Spectra” was developed for this purpose, i.e. to emphasize map reading with only short glimpses of direction. Together with the latest Silva thumb compass ”Race 360 JET”, these are the most used compasses in the sport of orienteering.


SPECIAL OFFER: Silva Begin Wrist Compass

The functions of ”66 OMC Spectra” and ”Metro” have been merged into the new school compass ”Begin”. This wrist compass is the perfect beginner’s compass for interested young people and school orienteering. The compact size, with rubberised compass house, make it ideal for a small hands and tough challenges. The strap fits securely in the hand so the user can focus on map reading and running direction.

Together with World Orienteering Day we are happy to offer the Begin Compass to all schools and clubs in connection to World Orienteering Day:

Normal price is 16 Euros, incl VAT.

Your price is 11 Euros per compass when purchasing at least 20 pc.

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Other products from Silva Sweden AB

In addition to compasses, Silva also produces headlamps for night orienteering, orienteering markers, pin punches and waterproof bags for rainy days. You will find more about Silva’s products at