Welcome two new WOD Event Sponsors

The IOF is very proud to welcome two new Event Sponsors to the World Orienteering Day project. Bryzos and OCAD join the previously announced partners EMIT, Silva and SPORTident in adding value to WOD events across the globe. Read more about all of the partners and special offers from each of them here and in the WOD Guidelines.


Special offers from WOD partners
In the WOD Guidelines you will find a lot of different offers from our selected partners. These offers can be a very valuable addition to implementing a WOD event. Below are some examples of products from WOD partners:



Bryzos: Bryzos clothes are designed to fit perfectly in the New Athlete’s world. New technologies and high-end fabrics ensure that there will be no limit to your physical activities, even if you just stepped out of the office building. This is our idea of freedom, limited by nothing at all. Bryzos offers a specially designed collection unique for World Orienteering Day.

See page 29 in WOD Guidelines.


EMIT: EMIT is one of the leading companies in Scandinavia regarding timekeeping equipment and result systems. Everything from traditional finish clocks, to modern chip systems and live online results.  The new school-kit for orienteering consists of 25 emiTags with elastic Velcro bands, 15 Touch-Free Trainer (TFT) controls (incl start and finish), the new eScan reader and a thermal, bluetooth printer with re-chargeable batteries. 15 control flags are also included.

See page 32 in WOD Guidelines.



OCAD: OCAD provides a powerful software package with a step-by-step wizard for analyzing LiDAR data, mobile geodata capturing (GPS), efficient editing and drawing tools, generalization tools, desktop publishing (DTP) and course setting. Maps are one of the most important tools to get orienteering available for schools. Therefore, in cooperation with OCAD as event sponsor, you as WOD event organiser can apply to the IOF for a 6-month limited-time licence for OCAD 12 Starter Edition software. OCAD will give away 150 such licences for this purpose and based on strategic development opportunities IOF/WOD will give away another 50 such OCAD licenses to special WOD organisers and new countries of significance for the global development of orienteering.

See page 31 in WOD Guidelines.


Silva is a leading brand in the sport of orienteering. Presently, Silva’s main business areas are Sport, Outdoor and Professional. Within each of these areas you will find headlamps, compasses, carry dry bags, running back packs and other exciting products. The “Begin” Wrist Compass is the perfect beginner’s compass for interested young people and school orienteering. The compact size, with rubberised compass house, make it ideal for a small hands and tough challenges. The strap fits securely in the hand so the user can focus on map reading and running direction.

See page 30 in WOD Guidelines.

SPORTident is not only one of the key suppliers of punching and timing equipment and services in orienteering, but also a company that does basic development work for orienteering world-wide. SPORTident has worked very hard on the development in South America and Asia. Especially for the World Orienteering Day we have developed orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers. We would like to support this next generation in reaching their goals, with full performance timing equipment adjusted for schools and kids, fully compatible with the common SPORTident hardware.

See page 33 in WOD Guidelines.