Super-Mini-Micro-WOD event

Linköping University, one of many Universities in Sweden, provides the profile “dual career” for the Swedish elite orienteers. The studies are more or less customised so that students can combine elite orienteering and studies in an optimal way. Among other things, WOD Ambassador and the reigning World Champion in Sprint, Jerker Lysell, is one of the students. During WOD, on Wednesday May 24th, a “super-mini-micro” trail orienteering will be carried out at the entrance to the University Campus. All students are welcome to participate in the event during the day. In the “legoland” there are more controls than there are on the map (just like in TrailO).The participants have to identify on the ground the control points shown on the map. Normally this is done from a distance, but in this case you are very close to the area. This WOD event can be a new format for future TrailO as you can read in next chapter.


Shanghai 2020, a possible example of future “TrailO Indoor”?

At over 1,000 square feet, a room-sized city scale model depicts what Shanghai is supposed to look like in 2020 and every single building planned. It’s on the third floor of the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, and it is in fact the largest scale model of a city in the world. This city scale model can be an example how to implement Trail-O Indoor and maybe it can be included in a WTOC in the future as well.