Treasure Hunt in Central Park, New York

Chris Cassone, the heart of Treasure Hunt Adventures, has brought orienteering-based programs to the NY metro area since 1982. He developed the Treasure Hunt for Scouts who were having problems learning map skills. Soon, schools were asking for his multi-day sessions on interdisciplinary orienteering. In 1990 he produced his first corporate event for Pepsico and since then has led over 10,000 corporate leaders from over 35 Fortune 500 companies in team builders.

In 2012, Treasure Hunt Adventures became a truly international team building company when Chris led Chevron’s China Energy Leadership Team in a full day of exercises on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. In addition, Harvard Business School’s Orientation Day which included 900 incoming MBA candidates set new standards in team building with such large numbers.

An experienced facilitator, a nationally competitive orienteer and an entertainer with a knack for pizzazz, Chris splits his time between New York and Los Angeles, bringing his fun corporate team bonding events throughout the country and now, the world.


Treasure Hunt as a WOD event

The Central Park Treasure Hunt is a non-timed score orienteering event that demands an answered trivia question at each control location. Since this is NYC and one of the most populated cities in the world, unless we have a person at each control, they all would disappear. Chris Cassone’s hunt was developed almost 15 years ago and has been a good seller to schools, tourists and anyone with a sense of adventure.

Participants will meet us at the Bethesda Fountain (look for the O flag) and for $5 receive a laminated Great Central Park Treasure Hunt. On it are 15 circles with 15 questions, all located in the southern end of the park – the area with the most features. When finished they will have a secret message that they can verify when they return to the Fountain. There will also be an additional (and harder) hunt that will take longer and have them travel farther but this answer reveals the location of a QR code hidden somewhere in the park. That QR will send them to a “Winner’s Page” where they can leave their names as proof (like the old video games where you would leave your initials next to your score.)

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