Welcome to the 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championships!

Hosted by Guangdong Sport Bureau, the 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championships will be held from May to December this year in some of the beautiful old villages in Guangdong. The villages to be chosen as the venues vary in different architecture styles, including Cantonese, Hakka, Chaoshan and the North part of Guangdong Province, and also embody the culture of waterside regions, mountain areas and seaside areas. While participating in the Championships, you can also enjoy the charms of the old villages in Guangdong. It will definitely be a life-time experience to run through the delicate architectures with traditional characteristics and the lanes with many twists and turns.


The 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championships consists in total of ten competitions. The first stop will be in Taishan, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province (South China) on May 24th, as one of the registered event on the World Orienteering Day.


The World Orienteering Day competition will be held in Mei’s Grand Courtyard and Haikou Port, Taishan City. Taishan is famous for being the hometown of overseas Chinese. In recent years, it has developed its tourist industry with the theme of “sea island, hot spring and hometown of overseas Chinese”. Every year, it attracts millions of visitors from home and abroad. This first stop of the South China Historical Orienteering Championships will include three events, a Middle Distance, a Team Orienteering and a Mountain Bike Orienteering during May 24th.