WOD Guidelines are now published

In the 52-pages of WOD Guidelines you will find ideas of how to carry out a WOD event. There are a lot of examples from all over the world and from different kind of activities. We want you to use the World Orienteering Day as a fun promotional activity for orienteering. We believe that WOD can make the feeling of orienteering more cool and exciting for kids and young people. We want to make orienteering more visible and more accessible so we can attract more people to the great sport of orienteering. We really hope the WOD Guidelines will help to inspire you to implement an attractive WOD event in cooperation with clubs and schools.  If we work together we will achieve the vision of WOD;

500 000 participants at 5 000 events in 100 countries 2018. 

Please book 24 May for your WOD event and please register on the WOD web site alredy!

guidelines_webbThe link to the WOD Guidelines as follow:



Some excerpts from the contents of WOD Guidelines:

Think globally-act locally;

Inspiring words from IOF President Leho Haldna regarding follow up the success of WOD 2016. He points out that all support from volunteers and activists in orienteering worldwide is very important for a successful World Orienteering Day 2017.  Without this huge of contribution, we will not reach the target. Therefore, all events, even the smallest ones, are extremely valuable to reach our target: a continued global success.


7 steps to a successful WOD event;

Mini guide with two pages including seven steps to get a successful WOD event. This “guide” can be printed out and handed out to school teachers and organisers of WOD events.


Examples worldwide;

Last year was a great first WOD, and some examples from all over the world will hopefully inspire you this year.


WOD Partners and Promotion kit;

Our partners have been carefully selected, so both the IOF and the respective partners can get benefit from the advantages of a fruitful collaboration. You will find a lot of different offers from our partners to help make your WOD event both more attractive but also easier to implement.


A coordinated approach for success!

Turkey was outstanding last year with almost 50 000 participants. What was the strategy behind this success?

Orienteering literature;

You will also find a lot of links to literature you might find useful in your work to educate students in orienteering.

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