WOD in Lithuania

Lina Balciunaite , working for the Lithuanian orienteering federation the coordinator of WOD project within Lithuanian tells her views of WOD and how the work was done i Lithuania for WOD 2018.

“In Lithuania we organize WOD as grant application. Lithuanian orienteering federation gives 4000 Euro budget for WOD project. In April we announce calls for applications. Last year we received ~15 applications, 11 of them were approved. Approved organizers receive WOD souvenirs from federation and 100-500 Euro grant for maps printing controls flags and etc.”

“Our goal is that every 1 Euro will attract 1 WOD participant, we spend 4000 Euro and had more than 5000 participants, so we are happy about results.”

“The majority of grant applicants are orienteering coaches, who have their second job in regular schools. So they organize WOD in their school and kindergarten. Couches say that WOD is good way to attract new children to regular orienteering trainings.”

“We are very happy, that we receive some applications from non-orienteers, who are interested in this project. So, the grant system helps us to attract initiatives from outside orienteering community.”

“In the future we would like to attract more initiatives from outside. We will try to take example from FIS Snow Day, we will collaborate with Lithuanian association “Sport for all”.”

“WOD is good idea, but without financial support it doesn’t work. IOF should apply for European Commission grant in Erasmus Sport program. WOD project is very suitable for this program. “

“We have video from WOD in Kaunas city: “L

Pasaulio orientavimosi sporto diena Kaune, Ąžuolynas

Net apie 700 mažųjų dalyvių šiandien išbandė orientavimosi sportą Mažąjame Kauno Ąžuolyne.Norintys pradėti lankyti orientavimosi sportą, kviečiame pasidomėti informacija: https://orienteering.lt/naujokams/treneriai/Aut. Urtė Gėlytė Čaplikaitė

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