WOD in Norway


Strategy, promotion, partners to carry out WOD, financial support, tool to develop orienteering in Norway

The national Federation has decided that WOD should be a measure that the entire organization takes part in. To be a part of our strategy to spread the orientation to new people. An event to promote education and interest in school orienteering.

Norway have a national contact for school, including WOD, working with information, marketing and promotion for WOD to all Clubs and schools in Norway. (sending out Newsletters regularly from January…)

“We use the IFO WOD website, our national website, social media, WOD logo, “Wody”, ambassadors etc. to active promote and marketing WOD in a positive way as an opportunity to spread the orienteering sport.”

In addition to good publicity on the national news page, they help with local press news and the clubs are good at getting local news about WOD.

Local clubs organize WOD events and cooperate with the schools for assistance in events. NOF support with information and the framework for events. Schools also get information directly by a special school website: http://www.skoleideer.no/norges-orienteringsforbund.376510.no.htm 

Local clubs can get some financial support used for local events

Response for WOD 2018 in Norway

“The target for 2018 was 200 events and 35000 participants. We almost exactly reached the goal for participants with 35094. And it even became better than expected with 243 registered events. That includes club- and school events.  Mostly clubs that arrange for schools. A lot of the clubs are positive to WOOD and we also know that many schools are positive. “To be a part of something bigger” is important for participation. Still there is a lot of places we have not reached. Some reasons are there is no local club, no map, information does not arrive the right persons and so on…”

Norway think the main reasons behind our success is the support from the national o-federation, WOD has been adopted in their strategy plan. Active and positive marketing and mention of WOD and the facts that orienteering is already a part of the national school plans.

Target and plans for 2019

250 events and 40 000 participants! Continue in much the same way as in 2018 with good information and marketing work, support to clubs and local club and school events. New in 2019 is that we reinforce the work of systematizing and improving web-based teaching materials. Contributing to the development and content of the new map portal www.skoleorientering.no  (started by the project Finn Fram in Østfold)             

For more information, take a look at Norway’s WOD-website: http://www.orientering.no/laering/verdens-o-dag/