World Orienteering Day 2017 –Towards new heights!

On Wednesday May 24th 2017, the second World Orienteering Day took place all over the world. Already it proved to be a greater success than last year, with more than 256 000 participants all around the world taking part in an orienteering event. The counting is still going on until Thursday 8th and the final time for reporting is at 24:00 GMT.

So far 256 058 participants in 73 countries have been part of something bigger, World Orienteering Day. Turkey is showing a fantastic result and has increased the number of participants with more than 85% compared to last year. As of today, Turkey has registered 85 000 WOD participants. Amazing!

What was once only an idea has come to be a reality beyond what anyone could have hoped. Schools, clubs and enthusiast all over the world made a fantastic contribution, and together managed to beat a new world record.

From Antarctica to Greenland, from Singapore to Cameroun, from Ecuador to Kosovo, from Indonesia to Cyprus hundreds of thousands of youngsters participated in World Orienteering Day. Following the idea “Be part of something bigger-Colour the World”, people all over the world took part in locally organised orienteering events, and celebrated the biggest world-wide orienteering event ever.  World Orienteering Day is a very important tool to get youngster attracted of the sport orienteering and it has been a global success in many countries there orienteering is not so well-known.