World Orienteering Day – Sieze the opportunity!

World Orienteering Day has proven itself to be a highly successful event for global orienteering and in 2018 we hope to once again set a new record in participation and reach the vision of 500 000 participants around the world. Don’t let this opportunity to promote orienteering as a sport for all pass you by.

As we all know orienteering is the best sport in the world and it certainly deserves much more attention than it usually gets. World Orienteering Day has shown in many parts of the world that being «part of something bigger» gives us opportunities to open discussions with the media, schools, official organisations, and partners and sponsors.

The media is always looking for stories that are outside the usual. By using the global scope of World Orienteering Day in communications with the media and prospective participants you can tie in your local event to the bigger picture. The media likes to report about things like world records and this is a great opportunity to build a local story on a global concept.

The fact that World Orienteering Day is a global event can also help in discussions with schools and other officials. Schools, parks, municipalities etc, often look for different themed activities and this can be a great way to introduce orienteering with the credibility of other activities around the globe.

World Orienteering Day has become attractive amongst our sponsors and partners. Many companies simply what to be recognized as being part of an activity that adds value to society, so-called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sponsoring. World Orienteering Day, with its strong focus on physical activity for youths, and in fact all ages, is very attractive. We think this is equally attractive locally.

World Orienteering Day also offers a great opportunity to try something new. There are in fact no restrictions in what kind of activities you can organise and register, other than that they should be an orienteering activity. Indoor, outdoor, sprints, labyrinths, youth, elite, masters, whatever; all events count equally. Why not try new ways to attract new participants, and known ones to reach the already convinced orienteers.  Do you have ideas you have always wanted to try? Now is the time to try them.

The most important thing about World Orienteering Day is to have a plan to promote your event to the target participants. The IOF provides a set of tools for you to use, you just need to make them fit locally.

Welcome to World Orienteering Day May 23rd, 2018!

And remember that this year any activity held between May 23rd and May 29th can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

Be part of something bigger!


Best regards

Leho Haldna

IOF President