The updated website is now ready for registration. If you will organise an event at the same location as 2016 please use the function “Copy location to a new event in 2017”. That will give you the possibility to compare your events. If you did organise events 2016 but will organise events on other locations, please use “Create another location of event”.


Please register your event and contact person as soon as possible. When you have finalised your registration, a red flag will appear on the map. If there are many events in a small area, a red circle with a number will appear. You can also upload maps, photos and information for each event.


Your name, email address and mobile phone number are important information for our network. You can choose if you want this information to be public.



Follow the registrations tally

On the front page you can follow the registrations day by day (Preregistered locations). On World Orienteering Day itself you can also follow the number of participants as they are continuously reported from each event (World participants).



After carrying out your activity, you report the number of participants, registering their number, gender and age. When you have finalised your report the red flag changes to green. You can view the statistics for your local event, for your country and for the world. The blue flag indicates that this event is open on your screen.


Maps, photos and information

You can upload maps and photos for each event. Please also upload posters, flyers or other information you want to share with the rest of the world.


This website will be an inspiration for all of us to take orienteering forward.


Report ages

Please report the number of participants in each group of ages. This information will be important both for IOF but also for our selected partners.

The webpage will be updated frequently during 2017 and we will add promotion kit and guidelines.